Think Trio!
Trio’s modern lease-to-own program unlocks the door to homeownership, allowing you to choose and live in the home of your choice, while preparing for its purchase in the future. Our program is designed for potential homeowners ranging from first-time buyers to small business owners, to those with jobs in the gig economy. Trio is also a wonderful option for recent college graduates, those recovering from a financial or other setback caused by a natural disaster, as well as renters wishing to become homeowners.

Good things come in 3s

1 Choose Your Home
Start with our FREE application, work with one of our trained agents, and start shopping for the home of your choice!

2 Lease to Own with Trio
Our 3-year lease comes with perks! Trio’s Success Program provides 24 months of financial coaching and credit repair throughout the lease to ensure you achieve homeownership,

3 Enjoy Homeownership
When you are ready to convert to a homeowner, your purchase price is set as low as 1% above the original cost of the home when leased. Plus, Trio gifts you the down payment when you are ready to purchase.

The Trio Requirements

  • Credit score of 550 or higher
  • Monthly household income of $3600 or higher
  • Positive rental history

If interested, please to complete our FREE Trio application and begin your journey into homeownership.